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Ras malai (Indian)

Ras Malai


2 carton of whole Milk (2LT)

2 tbp All purpose flour (Maida)

3 cups of sugar

3 tablespoons Pistachios.

4 tablespoons Vinegar

1 cup water


·         Soak and soften pistachios in warm water. When cool chop them and set aside.

·         Prepare 1st sugar syrup with one cup sugar and 3 cups water.

·         Dilute vinegar in a cup of water.

·         Keep a strainer lined with a cheese cloth.

·         Take one carton of milk and boil it until it reduces to half its volume, dissolve half a cup of sugar in the milk and then refrigerate.


To curdle the milk: On a medium flame warm up 1 carton of milk and bring it to a boil. Add a few spoonfuls of vinegar at a time and keep stirring the milk until the curds separate.  The texture of the curds should not be lumpy but grainy like Ricotta. Strain the milk through a strainer lined by a cheese cloth. Hold the strainer under the running water to thoroughly wash away the vinegar from the curds. Hang the cheese cloth to drain water until most of the water drains out.

In the mean time in another pot make 2nd sugar syrup with 2 cups sugar and two cups water. Dissolve a couple tablespoons of all purpose flour in a few tbp of water and add it to the sugar syrup and bring it to a roaring boil.

Open up the cheese cloth and make 1 inch balls of the curds and flatten them just a little. Make sure there are no cracks around them as they might fall apart. Lower these balls gently in the boiling sugar syrup and cook them for 15 min or until they rise up. Once they all rise to the surface add a cup of water to the syrup and bring it to a boil again.
Gently take out the balls one by one and soak them in the 1st sugar syrup prepared and cooled in advance. Let it sit in the syrup until they cool off and then transfer them to the cooled reduced milk.

Garnish them with pistachios and serve cool.

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